Camping hacks every camper must know

Camping is a great way how to relax and spent the free time, but sometimes it might get quite challenging to really enjoy this kind of leisure activity. Campers often face all kind of messy difficulties during the camping and it is hard to find solutions, but there are some hacks that experienced campers use, to solve the most typical camping problems. Here are some of them.

Take the black garbage bags with you every time you go camping. They can be used not only for their main function but also can be a great material for all kind of isolation. If it is raining during the camping and there is some kind of leak, you can easily fix it with a piece of a plastic garbage bag. For example, you can cover your tent with them to make sure water won’t get inside or cover your shoes to make keep your feet dry. You never know when garbage bags might be useful.

Take the pack of rice with you. This is not meant for eating, but for drying things that get wet. Rice actually can soak the water inside very fast, so you can dry your shoes, clothes and even gadgets such as phone, with rice. This trick really works and you won’t have to worry about getting your stuff wet.

Put the most important things inside waterproof bags and attach a cork. Everything can happen at camping. It might start to rain or something might drop in the water, so make sure your things will be dry and ready for using even if something like that happens. Waterproof bags will save your stuff dry, but the cork will let you get them if they drop into some waterbed.

Use sage to repel mosquitoes. Sage is a plant with a very unique, but quite pleasant smell. Bugs and mosquitoes, however, don’t really like the smell of this plant, so if you will use them, there will be no bugs around the campsite. The best way how to use it is by putting it inside the campfire because then the smell will spread in the bigger area, but also you can put some inside your tent to make sure you can sleep well.

Prepare the food at home. One of the biggest challenges at camping is cooking. It is quite gars and also takes a lot of time to cook everything at the spot, so better do most of the preparation works at home, and then you will only need to warm up the food at the campfire. For example, put all the ingredients for the soup and then you will only need to put everything in a large pot. Also, this is a smart move, because then you will need to carry around less food and there will be less garbage.

Always carry around mini first aid kit with you. Most of the campers know that they must bring the first aid kit every time they go camping, but usually, it stays at the campsite and is not reachable when needed. That is why you need a small first aid kit with some band-aids and other important stuff that might be useful in unexpected situations.

These hacks will make every camping trip even to Spain a lot more pleasant and less stressful. It is good to know smart hacks that can help and save you in different situations. Be creative and think what else could be useful for camping?