Hygienic Camping

Personal hygiene is one of the biggest issues during camping. Either you are at established campsite with utilities provided or in the wild where no clean running water is available, there are some problems with personal hygiene, every camper must deal with. For some people this even is the reason why they are no going camping. Luckily, there are some good solutions that will help to satay clean wherever you are.

It is pretty sure that you will sweat a lot and germs will cover you pretty soon. There will be a need to take a shower, but if that is not possible, you can just swab yourself instead. Take some cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide with you. Wet the cotton balls and swab those body parts which has high bacteria growth such as face, armpits, feet etc. Of course, this won’t replace the shower and won’t give you fully fresh feeling, but at least you will be clean.

Bring hand sanitizer with you. Although it is proved that hand sanitizers are bad to immune system, because they kill all the germs on hands including the ones that are protecting you, they can be really useful outdoors. Your hand will get dirty very soon during camping, so better clean your hands before eating or cooking. Even if there are running water available, in this case sanitizer might be even better choice, because it will definitely kill all the germs and bacteria on your hand. There can be some nasty bacteria in the wild, that can’t be killed with water.

Choose campsite with some natural waterbed next to it. It will give you a chance to take a bath in it. Although water is not completely clean in natural waterbeds, you can use antibacterial soap that will not allow bacteria form the water harm you. Just make sure you are not going too deep inside the water in unfamiliar waterbed if you are not a great swimmer.