Camping Checklist

Preparation is very important for successful camping experience. If you will be fully prepared and will have everything you need, the outdoor experience will be a lot more enjoyable. To make sure you won’t forget anything, make a checklist. If you are not experienced camper and doesn’t know what exactly you might need, here is some help for you. And most of these things dn’t require a lot of money so you won’t need to take out loans ” in Mexico they are called – prestamos en linea“.

First advice would be to divide checklist into certain categories for example, shelter, bedding, food, clothes, personal hygiene, first aid and other things. That will help you to organize all the necessary things and think what exactly you might need for every situation.

The first and the most important category is shelter. Many camping beginners think that tent is enough for this category, but actually you might need some other things as well. First of all, you should take some instruments for pitching the tent for example, hummer to strengthen the stakes. Also some extra waterproof film might be useful and don’t forget about some spare parts of tent construction. It is pretty common situation when something gets lost and it is not possible to pitch the tent anymore.

The next category is bedding. Also for bedding usually only one item is taken – the sleeping bag, but in most cases it is not enough to feel comfortable. It usually gets pretty cold at nights even at the summer time, so better take some extra blankets. Definitely take a sleeping mat as well, because ground is rough, cold and unpleasant for sleeping. If you are going to campsite by car, also taking pillow would be a good decision.

The food is very wide category and individual for every camper, but basically you must think if you will cook at the camping or will take food that is already ready for eating.

How to make camping more enjoyable

Lot of people never goes camping, because they relate it with discomfort, all kind of struggle and unexpected problems. People who go camping really may face some problems, but there are some ways how to avoid that. Here are some advices that will help you to fully enjoy the camping and not worry about anything.

First check the weather forecasts before you go camping. Most of the discomfort usually is caused by inappropriate weather. Although it is not possible to change the weather, it is possible to make yourself prepared for that. If there will be rain, take some waterproof clothes, extra blankets and other equipment to stay dry. If you do that, rain won’t bother you at all. If the weather will be really terrible, for example, storm, just cancel the camping or postpone it to another day.

Also an issue for many people is cooking while camping. Cooking some warm meal from the beginning to the end might take a lot of time at camping, because there are no appropriate tools and equipment. No one wants to spend all the camping time by cooking the meal. To avoid that, do the preparation of the food at home. For example, if you want to make a soup, peel and cut the vegetables at home. Also cut the meat and prepare all the other ingredients you need. Then at the camping you will only need to put everything in a pot and wait until it’s ready. By this you will save some extra time to spend in the nature.

Also walking with huge backpacks can be very exhausting. Then you have to choose either leave something important at home or to struggle with huge bags. In case you don’t want to challenge yourself and have some extreme activities, choose a camping that has a parking lot right next to it. Then you will have to walk only few meters with heavy bags and you will be able to take as much things with you as you can put into your car.