How to find the way if you get lost during camping?

Getting lost is very actual problem for campers. If you don’t know the surroundings too well it is pretty easy to get lost in the woods or in other wild areas. Usually in this kind of situations campers just freak out and don’t know what to do, but actually it is not a big deal if you know exactly what you should do. Here are some tips from Romania on how to find the way if you get lost during the camping.

1. Use map and compass

If you have gone camping, we assume, you should have at least simple map or some navigation. The problem is that many people nowadays doesn’t have a clue how to use a compass or read a map. The compass will show where the north is. That gives you a chance to discern which direction you are going. When you have figured out your direction, look at the map and find out which direction you should be going. Actually, it is very simple and if you have both of these tools and you know how to use them, it is impossible not to find the right track.

2. Use your cell phone

Actually, nowadays almost every camper has a smartphone, so calling for help should not be a problem, but the problem is that they don’t know what to say and what to do. Camper can call, but saying “I am in a middle of the forest” won’t help. You must give specific directions. Start with telling from where to where you were going and when did you realize that you are lost. Tell what you see and mot importantly, don’t move. If you will tell where you might be and keep moving, people who will come looking for you might go to the correct place, but you will be already somewhere else.

3. Listen and look for natural clues

If you don’t have a map and compass or a cell phone, you will need to use other methods. One of the best ones is looking for clues in the nature. That can be done either by listening or looking. For example, listen if you hear any water running. If yes, go to that direction, because there probably will be a river. If you will go along it all the way, you won’t mess the direction. Also, you can use some footpaths. Better way would be to look for other people or highways, but if you are in a very remote area, you probably won’t find them.

4. Make some sounds

Also, there might be a chance that there are lot of people in the surroundings. Maybe there are other campers and hikers or maybe there are people living nearby. What you must do is to make some sounds so they could know you are somewhere in the woods. Just call for a help and if someone will hear you will be saved. Scream in many directions and even if you think no one hears you, keep doing it, so the people would realize your actually in danger.

5. Track your steps

If nothing else works, try to track your steps. Leave something behind you, so you would know you are not going on a round. If you have some tissues or something that you can throw behind you, us it. If you don’t have anything take something from the nature or at least memorize your surroundings. If you notice you have been in the same place already, change the direction and go straight all the way.