Going camping for the first time

If you have decided to go camping for the very first time, but you are not exactly sure how to prepare for that and what to do, follow this beginner’s guide for camping. If everything will go smoothly, you will be able to enjoy this adventure a lot more.

First and the most important thing is the tent. It’s your home for the whole time while you are camping, so you don’t want to have any problems with that. The best option would be to borrow the tent for the first time not to buy, because after that you might realize camping is not meant for you. However, if you are ready to risk, buy a tent that is in appropriate size (depends on how many people will stay in it), with strong poles and pegs, and from suitable material (waterproof, breathable, strong etc.). Don’t choose the cheapest one, because it will not only tear soon, but also will make living in it very uncomfortable. Also check the instruction of it to make sure it won’t be hard to pitch it.

Next thing you will definitely need is all the sleeping equipment. It is very important, because even at summer nights the temperature can go really low and you will feel cold in inappropriate sleeping bag. When choosing the sleeping bag, choose one that is appropriate for very low temperatures, even if you are planning to go camping only at warm days. If you feel too hot, you can just unzip it a little bit, but if you feel cold, there is nothing to do. Also it is important to choose sleeping bag with good isolation. For sleeping, you will also need sleeping mat. Sleeping matt also needs to be waterproof, and most important soft enough for sleeping, because it’s not too thick.

Other things you have to take on camping depend on your own individual needs, but make sure you don’t forget something important. Make a checklist before you go camping. Include food, all the equipment for cooking and eating, equipment for making a camp fire, extra clothes, first aid kit and equipment for all the other activities you are planning.

Next you need to choose the best place and time. When choosing exact place for the camping, check who owns the property. It is not allowed to go camping anywhere you want. Better choose a place that is specially made and designed for camping. There are lots of camp sites all over the world, so you can choose the one you like and that suits all your wishes. The best time for camping is summer or early autumn, when it’s still warm outside. It is also possible to go camping at the winter, but not at the first time.

If everything is planned, you can go to enjoy your first camping. If you carefully follow these instructions, there should be no problems and you should have a really great camping experience that you would love to repeat.