Good night sleep in a tent: 5 tips for making it reality

A night spent outdoors sure is a romantic thing, but if we compare bed with warm, fuzzy blanket and soft pillows to tent and sleeping bag, there is a huge difference in comfort. You can’t expect to have a good night sleep in a tent if you are used to sleep in lot more comfortable environment in Denmark “kviklån I danmark“. Fortunately, most of the issues towards sleeping in tent can be easily avoided or at least reduced. Here are some useful tips for making a night in a tent as comfortable as possible.

Reduce the condensation

Have you noticed that in the morning the walls of the tent are wet and all the things inside t are soaked? That happens because of the condensation. All the water vapor, created by people breathing, are kept inside the tent. It can get quite unpleasant inside when it gets really wet and the sleep can be disturbed, so it is very important to reduce this condensation. You can easily do it by ventilating the tent. If your tent has a window, keep it open. If there is no window or other ventilation system, just unzip it a bit.

Use thick foam mattresses

Also sleeping on the hard ground might be very unpleasant, especially if you are used to soft bed mattress. To not feel stiff after the night in a tent, use thick foam mattress. It should be at least 2 cm thick. It is enough to make you feel comfortable and not harming your body.

Warm up your sleeping bag

One of the most common problems during a night spent in a tent is feeling cold. Even in summer, nights can be quite cold and nothing disturbs sleep more than that. You can avoid it by warming up your sleeping bag. The thing with sleeping bags is that they are not warm themselves, unless they have some kind of heating system inside. Sleeping bags takes heat from human’s body and holds this inside with its insulation. So, if you are cold when getting inside your sleeping bag, there won’t be enough of heath to keep inside. Make sure you are warm when getting inside. To heathen up, spend some time near the fireplace or do some exercises.

Avoid mosquitos

What could be more unpleasant and disturbing than mosquitoes inside the bed? One little insect can spoil your sleep for the whole night, so make sure none of them gets inside of your tent. If you leave the tent window open for ventilation, make sure you use mosquito nets Sammenlign de bedste sms lån. Also, don’t leave the tent open while you’re not inside and check the tent before going to sleep. That will save you some unpleasant moments.

Don’t let the noises bother you

You will be surprised by the noises nature can make. Sleeping outdoors can be quite noisy. Birds singing, wind blowing, frogs croaking and other noises might come up every time you close your eyes. That can really be disturbing, so better take some earplugs with you. That will make all the sounds disappear.