Health benefits from camping

People usually go camping just to get away from everyday routine and relax. They want to stay active and enjoy the harmony of nature. What most of them doesn’t even realize is that camping is not just ordinary way of relaxation; it can improve the health and quality of life. Here are some ways, how camping can help us live longer, healthier life.

First of all, there is a lot of fresh air. In the forest, where are lot of trees the air is especially clean and high quality. It contains more oxygen, so when you take a breath, your brain starts to function better and your body has a lot more strength. Also it impacts the blood pressure positively and strengthens your immune system. Breathing this kind of air is the best way how to clean your lungs and whole body from the pollution we take in every day.

Camping also positively influences our nerve system. It helps you to deal with everyday stress, because nothing can help to relax more than nature. The silence and harmony can make you calm and allow forgetting all the worries. That might seem as an unimportant aspect, but actually stress is the main reason for most of the sicknesses. While you feel stress, your body is not able to function correctly so something can go wrong very easily.

Next way of getting healthier by camping is simply by being active. That’s what all the doctors say – stay active to get healthier. While your moving, you are burning calories, getting fit, increasing the strength of muscles and bones, increasing the blood circulation etc. Even if you are not going to hike, swim, ride a bike or do any other intensive activities, you will burn more calories in camping than at home. Also pitching a tent, making a camp fire and bringing water are sort of activities.

While being outside, you also get some vitamin D from the sun. Even if the day is cloudy, there is still some sunlight getting through. Cloudy weather is even better, because then you are not risking to get a sunburn. Vitamin D is very important for bones and overall physical development, so stay outside as much as possible.

Many people might disagree, but it is also possible to have a good sleep while camping. The fresh air and activities will make you feel tired at the evening and you will be able to sleep very peacefully in the silent forest. Sleep is also very important for the overall health and low quality sleep can cause some serious health issues. If you have bad experience with sleeping in a wild, there probably were some problems with selection of sleeping equipment or tent.

So if you don’t want to visit doctor too often, go camping. It is the best way how to strengthen your immune system and improve your health, because it is not only very simple, but also fun and enjoyable.