What you should know about camping in winter?

Most of the people consider camping only as a summer activity, but actually, it is also appropriate for cold weather. If you want to have a great time at snowy forests and watch the amazing winter landscape, then camping in winter is definitely appropriate for you, just make sure you are fully prepared for that. Here is everything you should know about camping in the winter season.

The first thing you will definitely need is an appropriate tent. In winter nights air temperature is freezing and with the regular tent, you might just freeze to death. You will need a four season tent which is made from a lot thicker fabric and with a lot stronger poles. Usually, it is also possible to add extra padding to all season tents. Also, make sure your tent is big enough to put in some extra blankets and appropriate sleeping bags and that it has thorough ventilation.

Next, you must think about an appropriate sleeping bag, blankets, mattresses and clothes for sleeping. Also, all of them are meant to keep you warm at nights. Just like tents, also sleeping bags come for different reasons and weather conditions. If you want to go camping in winter, you will need a winter sleeping bag which is a lot thicker and warmer than the regular one. Also, choose some wool and cotton clothes for yourself and wool blanket. Don’t use synthetic clothes and blankets, because then you will sweat a lot and that will make you feel cold and unpleasant when you will go outside the tent.

Also, you must choose an appropriate outfit for other activities. The first rule is the same as for sleeping clothes – choose clothes from natural materials, to reduce the sweating. The second rule is to wear many layers of clothes so you can take them off or put them on when it’s needed. And the third rule is to choose waterproof clothes. Make sure you will be dry at the end of the day and will feel comfortable.

Always be prepared for unexpected situations. Definitely take some extra tent polls, fully charged cell phone, extra clothes, and first aid kit. Camping in winter requires for lot serious preparation and cautious because forgetting something or losing something might lead to some serious problems. For example, if you tear your clothes or break tent pegs at summer, it’s not so big deal, because you won’t freeze, only will feel a little bit more uncomfortable, but if that happens at winter you life even might be endangered.

Also, you must plan your camping schedule a little bit different than in summertime because in winter it gets dark sooner. That means you must be in a campsite a lot earlier to make sure you can set up your campsite and make a fire before it gets dark and you are not able to see anything. If you are planning to walk all the way, calculate how many daylight hours are there to make it on time.

And you should pay special attention to the food. In summer a sandwich and a cold drink are fine enough, but in winter you should cook something warm. If you don’t have time to cook something complicated, at least make sure you can boil some water for a hot tea or make fast noodles.

Camping in wintertime requires a lot of serious preparations and some extra knowledge, so only those who feel confident about their skills and possibilities should do that, but winter camping really is exciting and amazing. If you are experienced camper and want to try something different than winter camping might be the best choice.