Tips for leaving your campsite clean

Camping is great activity form many perspectives, but unfortunately it can also cause some problems. Campers usually are damaging the nature without even knowing that. Many people think they can do any harm to the nature only by leaving some garbage after themselves, but actually there are many other ways how campers are destroying the beauty of the nature. To keep the local environment preserved for future generations of outdoor lovers, follow these few simple tips.

When you arrive at the campsite set the trash bags and don’t forget about recycling. Many people who do recycle their garbage at home, forget about that when they are somewhere else, especially at camping because there is some effort. No one wants to set many trash bags and watch where every piece of trash goes, but that is important. Don’t leave any trash after you and make sure they won’t just be thrown out somewhere else.

If you are using regular dishes, there will probably be a need to wash them. In this case campers usually just wash the dishes in some waterbed or with water they have taken form home. That is all fine, but think what kind of cleaner you use. Regular dish cleaners are made of very strong chemicals that can do harm to the focal flora and fauna. So you either have to make sure your wastewater won’t be poured out in the nature by collecting them or you have to use some natural cleaners that won’t do any harm to the nature.

Also you should minimize the negative impact of the campfires. That might seem like a small thing, but actually campfires can do harm to the nature in many ways. First you shouldn’t use firewood. Don’t cut trees to make yourself a campfire. Better find some fallen brunches and cones. They will burn just fine and nature will be safe. Second of all, Don’t burn plastic. Smoke from the burned plastic is poisonous to you and also to the whole environment.

How to make camping more enjoyable

Lot of people never goes camping, because they relate it with discomfort, all kind of struggle and unexpected problems. People who go camping really may face some problems, but there are some ways how to avoid that. Here are some advices that will help you to fully enjoy the camping and not worry about anything.

First check the weather forecasts before you go camping. Most of the discomfort usually is caused by inappropriate weather. Although it is not possible to change the weather, it is possible to make yourself prepared for that. If there will be rain, take some waterproof clothes, extra blankets and other equipment to stay dry. If you do that, rain won’t bother you at all. If the weather will be really terrible, for example, storm, just cancel the camping or postpone it to another day.

Also an issue for many people is cooking while camping. Cooking some warm meal from the beginning to the end might take a lot of time at camping, because there are no appropriate tools and equipment. No one wants to spend all the camping time by cooking the meal. To avoid that, do the preparation of the food at home. For example, if you want to make a soup, peel and cut the vegetables at home. Also cut the meat and prepare all the other ingredients you need. Then at the camping you will only need to put everything in a pot and wait until it’s ready. By this you will save some extra time to spend in the nature.

Also walking with huge backpacks can be very exhausting. Then you have to choose either leave something important at home or to struggle with huge bags. In case you don’t want to challenge yourself and have some extreme activities, choose a camping that has a parking lot right next to it. Then you will have to walk only few meters with heavy bags and you will be able to take as much things with you as you can put into your car.

Health benefits from camping

People usually go camping just to get away from everyday routine and relax. They want to stay active and enjoy the harmony of nature. What most of them doesn’t even realize is that camping is not just ordinary way of relaxation; it can improve the health and quality of life. Here are some ways, how camping can help us live longer, healthier life.

First of all, there is a lot of fresh air. In the forest, where are lot of trees the air is especially clean and high quality. It contains more oxygen, so when you take a breath, your brain starts to function better and your body has a lot more strength. Also it impacts the blood pressure positively and strengthens your immune system. Breathing this kind of air is the best way how to clean your lungs and whole body from the pollution we take in every day.

Camping also positively influences our nerve system. It helps you to deal with everyday stress, because nothing can help to relax more than nature. The silence and harmony can make you calm and allow forgetting all the worries. That might seem as an unimportant aspect, but actually stress is the main reason for most of the sicknesses. While you feel stress, your body is not able to function correctly so something can go wrong very easily.

Next way of getting healthier by camping is simply by being active. That’s what all the doctors say – stay active to get healthier. While your moving, you are burning calories, getting fit, increasing the strength of muscles and bones, increasing the blood circulation etc. Even if you are not going to hike, swim, ride a bike or do any other intensive activities, you will burn more calories in camping than at home. Also pitching a tent, making a camp fire and bringing water are sort of activities.

While being outside, you also get some vitamin D from the sun.

Going camping for the first time

If you have decided to go camping for the very first time, but you are not exactly sure how to prepare for that and what to do, follow this beginner’s guide for camping. If everything will go smoothly, you will be able to enjoy this adventure a lot more.

First and the most important thing is the tent. It’s your home for the whole time while you are camping, so you don’t want to have any problems with that. The best option would be to borrow the tent for the first time not to buy, because after that you might realize camping is not meant for you. However, if you are ready to risk, buy a tent that is in appropriate size (depends on how many people will stay in it), with strong poles and pegs, and from suitable material (waterproof, breathable, strong etc.). Don’t choose the cheapest one, because it will not only tear soon, but also will make living in it very uncomfortable. Also check the instruction of it to make sure it won’t be hard to pitch it.

Next thing you will definitely need is all the sleeping equipment. It is very important, because even at summer nights the temperature can go really low and you will feel cold in inappropriate sleeping bag. When choosing the sleeping bag, choose one that is appropriate for very low temperatures, even if you are planning to go camping only at warm days. If you feel too hot, you can just unzip it a little bit, but if you feel cold, there is nothing to do. Also it is important to choose sleeping bag with good isolation. For sleeping, you will also need sleeping mat. Sleeping matt also needs to be waterproof, and most important soft enough for sleeping, because it’s not too thick.

Other things you have to take on camping depend on your own individual needs, but make sure you don’t forget something important.