Tips for leaving your campsite clean

Camping is great activity form many perspectives, but unfortunately it can also cause some problems. Campers usually are damaging the nature without even knowing that. Many people think they can do any harm to the nature only by leaving some garbage after themselves, but actually there are many other ways how campers are destroying the beauty of the nature. To keep the local environment preserved for future generations of outdoor lovers, follow these few simple tips.

When you arrive at the campsite set the trash bags and don’t forget about recycling. Many people who do recycle their garbage at home, forget about that when they are somewhere else, especially at camping because there is some effort. No one wants to set many trash bags and watch where every piece of trash goes, but that is important. Don’t leave any trash after you and make sure they won’t just be thrown out somewhere else.

If you are using regular dishes, there will probably be a need to wash them. In this case campers usually just wash the dishes in some waterbed or with water they have taken form home. That is all fine, but think what kind of cleaner you use. Regular dish cleaners are made of very strong chemicals that can do harm to the focal flora and fauna. So you either have to make sure your wastewater won’t be poured out in the nature by collecting them or you have to use some natural cleaners that won’t do any harm to the nature.

Also you should minimize the negative impact of the campfires. That might seem like a small thing, but actually campfires can do harm to the nature in many ways. First you shouldn’t use firewood. Don’t cut trees to make yourself a campfire. Better find some fallen brunches and cones. They will burn just fine and nature will be safe. Second of all, Don’t burn plastic. Smoke from the burned plastic is poisonous to you and also to the whole environment. And always make sure you wipe off the flame when you go to sleep or leave the campsite. Remember that it is allowed to make campfires only in certain places which are specially designed for that.

And the last thing you should be aware of is not damaging the surface and plants. Of course, there will be a need to wade some grass, because you will walk and pitch a tent there, but make sure you are not damaging the nature on purpose. Don’t nip off plants for no reason and respect everything you see around you. If you come to the campsite by car, make sure you won’t tour out the whole pace. Do as much as you can to avoid poaching the plants.

In short, try to leave everything like it was when you came there. Don’t do any harm to the nature by your actions. Remember that nature is meant for all of as so don’t destroy it. Other nature lovers also want to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife.