Tips for a Safe Campfire

An integral part of any camping is the campfire. It is not only needed for cooking, light, and heat but also it serves as the social hub during a camping trip. Everyone gathers around it to get warm and tell camping stories. It is the greatest part of the whole camping trip, but unfortunately, an open fire can be dangerous and there have been many cases when campers have been injured because of fire at the campsite. To make sure campfire won’t get uncontrolled and it will be safe, keep in mind these tips.

Make campfire only at the appropriate place

You must know where to make a campfire, so it would be safe. In most countries, it is even regulated by the law – it is allowed to make campfires only at specially designed campfire places. If that is not your case, at least pick the place smart. Choose an open area, without trees, branches, twigs, pine needles, and dry grass, so the fire couldn’t go any further. It would be best if you delimit the campfire place with rocks or dirt. Also, keep it away from the tents.

Keep it small and controllable

A big campfire can seem like a pretty cool idea, but it can be dangerous. Better keep it small to make sure you will be able to control it in any situation. If there are a lot of people in your company, better make two smaller campfires, because huge flames can easily go out of control, especially if there is strong wind outside.

Never leave it unattended

Also, it is very important to not leave the campfire unattended, even for a small moment because it can cause a fire and it will cost a lot of damages quickly. One spark can do awful damage if not noticed soon enough. If you must leave somewhere for a while, ask someone to watch the fire. If everyone leaves the campsite for a while, carefully drown the fire. An unattended campfire can be very dangerous so always watch it.

Drown the fire thoroughly before going to bed

Never leave the campfire burning, when you are going to sleep. Even if it is delimited, the fire can go further and it can end up really bad. Drown the fire thoroughly at least 30 minutes before you are going to sleep. Take out the burning pieces of wood with a shove and put some water on them. Also, put some water in the ashes. Don’t try to drown the fire with sand or dirt, because the fire can stay light underneath them and later come up. Before you go to sleep, touch the ashes to make sure the fire is out.